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Can Osteopathy help a Yogi in pain?

By Pranyog Reading, Dec 17 2014 03:10PM

An Osteopath will look closely at how we use our body and through a series of questions and an examination of case history will be able to determine the subtle changes required to get you free from pain. From his Osteopathic practice in Watford our resident Yogi and Osteopath has been able to offer a valuable insight into how Osteopathy combines with Yoga.

Repetitive strain injuries are unfortunately common in sport and esoteric practices like Yoga. Niggling aches and pains can have a long term effects on your Yoga practice. Most of the time it means we have to adapt or skip a particular pose but there are occasions when the discomfort is such that Yoga becomes less enjoyable and the pain can affect other areas of your life.

When you find a treatment that works it’s like having a new body. Aside from the lesson in gratitude there is another side to the story; and that is when treatment doesn’t work. Amongst Osteopath’s there are 2 possible causes. The first is that the symptom is being treated rather than the root cause. The other is that it is related to technique.

An obvious example of this is from Golf, where it is commonly accepted that the injury can be caused as a result of the technique being employed. Yoga is very much like this, think of all the down-dog’s you’ve done over the years. Here, exactly as with Golf or even Snooker correct coaching is important.

What can an Osteopath offer?

Rohit, Osteopath Watford was able to offer a recent example of a Yoga practitioner that complained of a pain in his left wrist. Upon deeper enquiry it emerged that the Yogi had broken his right arm 6 years earlier but this arm was completely pain free. After looking closely at his down-dog you could clearly see that the arm that had been broken 6 years before had a slight bend. Over time, the extra burden of weight had caused a persistent wrist strain on the other aide, the right.

Only a trained Osteopath with years of experience and knowledge of Yoga could have spotted this. No amount of reading around the subject of Yoga alone would have pointed a teacher to even ask questions relating to the persons case history because it is simply not part of our training.

By building strength in the patients shortened arm together with training his stomach muscles the Yogi gained some much needed symmetry thus alleviating the pressure from the right wrist. Combining this with a rotation at the elbow joint the pose was given greater balance as he was now employing his central core a lot more.

Osteopathy is an art that is not always given the credence it deserves and often Osteopaths in Watford find conventional methods crowd them out a bit. But more and more people are finding that this form of muscle and skeletal manipulation is bringing positive results.

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