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Is Yoga at 7am too early for you?

By Pranyog Reading, Apr 22 2012 10:46AM

Having a lie in on the weekend is a blissful thing indeed, especially if you have to get up early during the rest of the week. At Pranyoga in Reading we understand that getting to class can be a challenge.

If you would like to attend Yoga classes in Reading

But find the start times prohibitive then maybe arriving at 8am would suit you better? The class would have started at 7 as usual but you would still get a full hour of Yoga and perhaps the taster could encourage you to check out what it’s like if you came an hour earlier.

The key things that we would like you to remember are:

1. Please respect the experience of others, arrive as quietly as possible causing as little disturbance as you can.

2. Find a position toward the back of the hall.

3. Carry out a short warm-up or request one of the instructors to show you how to warm up if you feel unsure.

By arriving a little later you may miss out on the contextual setting of the class; this will mean that you might not fully understand the relevance of certain elements. But we think that it’s better to get a flavour of the class and perhaps, over time, you will begin to see the benefits of arriving earlier yourself. The requested donation will still be the same as usual, £2 for Saturdays and Sundays but you get to have a bit longer in bed too!

Our intention is to deepen your experience of Yoga. Obviously we would like you to attend class at 7am and would wish that you would see the benefits of starting class with the rest of the group.

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