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What are the health benefits of Yoga and Osteopathy?

By Pranyog Reading, Aug 23 2016 12:25PM

At a glance you may be forgiven for thinking that there is not much common ground between these two health case systems. Yoga is ancient, Osteopathy modern, one is shrouded in mysticism, the other a science. But a closer look reveals a golden thread that connects both these wonderful approaches to optimum health.

Whether you're doing Yoga in Reading or Yoga in Hertford you will have noticed that the approach to well-being is connected in the way that these professionals look at the body.

To go further, if you have a knee complaint modern medicine will look at the mechanics of what is wrong with the knee itself. Yoga for knee pain is a modern development (in fact Yoga for any ailment mental or physical is), the ancients would practice Yoga as a means of strengthening the body system as a whole so that no one part of the body would fall out of balance. Osteopathy will look at the lifestyle of the individual, their overall gait and body history.

A whole body approach

A GP might prescribe a pain killer, pill or topical cream; to target the specific area of pain. In Yoga the approach would be to look at the diet through Doshas, Yoga will work on the lumbar spine, working on areas around the knee and promoting awareness of the complaint by energising the root chakra - this includes the mental / emotional matrix. For the same complaint an Osteopath will seek to reduce tension in the whole body, he or she will examine past injuries and look at where these are causing the body to over or under compensate.

Another key similarity in the health benefits of Yoga and Osteopathy is that both are drug free. Both of these methods seek to establish balance in the body by using what is already there. In today's pill culture we have come to expect remedies that will give an instant fix. The truth is that often the causes of our ailments have had a long gestation period and did not happen overnight. This means that we have to look at the longer game and find solutions that will gently establish equilibrium.

Not exactly 'New Age' but still relevant

Another similarity is the way that the established health care community has been slow to accept and adopt the wisdom in each approach. Today; both Yoga and Osteopathy are viewed as esoteric or even 'new age' remedies. At least both are offered by the NHS where available despite looking at them askance.

In summary

1. Look at the body in its entirety

2. Both are drug free

3. Treat causes not symptoms

4. Offer a range of solutions not just surgery or drugs

5. Invite the patient to take control of their condition

What I love about Yoga and Osteopathy is that they give back power to the individual. Through dedication and a consciencious approach we can all take greater control of our lives and the results show themselves. What is more is that you can practice both as a means to arriving at a better understanding of yourself.

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