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Yoga classes in Reading, what to expect on Saturdays

By Pranyog Reading, Jul 19 2012 02:51PM

We are lucky to have a fantastic space to practice in, I call it practice because the emphasis is less on outward advancement, rather what is aimed for is an inner relationship. A blossoming inner connection can manifest in greater flexibility or weight loss but each time we do Yoga we only practice at deepening this inner relationship, the rest happens all by itself.

Saturday Yoga in Reading at the Hindu Temple on Whitley Street are a highlight of my week. Pranyog is Reading’s only charity devoted to bringing free Yoga to all people regardless of race, religion, age, gender or physical ability. You do not have to be Hindu to enter the temple or to practice Yoga here.

Choice of Yoga studio

During winter the class migrates to the inner temple nave where you can hold a beautiful tree pose on a warm carpeted floor. During the hours that the class is run this space is used exclusively for Yoga. Along the north wall are fascinating, statue representations of Krishna and other Deities. This is a calming and peaceful surrounding within which to learn Yoga. For anyone wanting to practice Yoga in Reading this is an experience that cannot be missed.

In summer, when class numbers tend to increase; we move into the main hall. The wooden floor isn’t as forgiving as what we get used to during winter but the hall is very spacious and ideal for Yoga in a large group. With a high vaulted ceiling and large open spaces Yogis can really enjoy a sense of personal space within a large group; it’s an interesting juxtaposition and certainly adds to the depth of the experience. And there’s plenty of room to run around in during laughter Yoga too!

People of all faiths welcome to do Yoga in Reading Hindu temple

Yoga is a huge subject area which incorporates spirituality, philosophy, meditation, exercise, nutrition, medicine and religion. Spirituality and religion are a part of Yoga in a scholarly context, however; we are more concerned with the physical activity of Yoga here. You will not be subjected to religious beliefs or opinions at any free Yoga class in Reading. What you will hear about are occasional explanations of Chakras, Vedanta and other philosophical and medicinal systems in relation to the ideology of Yoga so to offer a deeper learning experience.

You may be pleased to hear that there is no special requirement to do anything different from a Yoga class held anywhere else in Reading. You just have to take your shoes off, unfurl you mat and off you go! If you are still unsure about practicing Yoga at the Hindu temple then perhaps Sunday classes at the Sun Street Community Centre would give you access to Yoga whilst not making you feel uncomfortable?

If you have any questions or would like to get in contact with us please feel free to do so, we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

Feb 7 2013 01:29PM by Monica

I really enjoyed the class, Sundays are great fun. Thanks team!

Feb 7 2013 01:31PM by pypt

Hi Monica,

Thanks for the encouragement! This weekend will be focusing on standing balancing poses, we look forward to you being there.

Pran Yoga Team

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