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By Pranyog Reading, Oct 1 2012 08:03PM

I’m completely new to Yoga; will it be harder for me?

As with any type of physical exertion the more we practice; the more conditioned our body becomes to the rigours placed upon it. At first, as you begin attending class you may find your body feels a little sore. This is natural, in Yoga the idea is not to place a great strain on the body, instead we work with that is already there and intuit advancements over time and with diligent practice.

You could be new to exercise or very fit, in asana (Yoga postures) you may find that areas of your body that don’t get much exercise begin to get toned. It is also a well document fact that Yoga improves bone density through the regular weight bearing poses like arm balances and inversions, this is especially important as we get older. During all of this it is encouraged to adopt an air of curiosity, to see how it feels and how much further one can safely go. To aim for gain without pain.

The initial experiences of Yoga offer up some valuable insights and can be a thoroughly rewarding period, indeed, to practice as though one is doing it for the very first time is a much sought after level of advancement. Once you have a routine and start to learn the mechanics of the poses there will open up a vast potential for expression and development of experience.

What about the Yoga Olympics?

The beauty of Yoga is that it is not in the Olympics… yet! And that means that there is no competition with anyone else in the hall. Everybody is different, and because of that we are all capable of varying degrees of flexibility, balance, co-ordination and strength. Two people with completely different body shapes can be in a different asana and still have the same depth of experience.

It is not necessarily true that an incredibly flexible person will have a greater knowledge and skill level of Yoga. These days it is easy to mistake a contortionist for a Yogi, (thanks in-part to some over the top marketing). Asana is merely and outward manifestation, at the surface level we are exercising our body. The true joy of Yoga for many is the depths of inner experience that asana practice can give.

We all have a unique bone structure as shaped by our experience of life and a variety of other factors, therefore no 2 asana will ever be the same. The reason why one person may fold into a deep pigeon pose whilst another is in a modified version is only due to the range of motion available to that person in that given moment, the inner experience could well be the same.

There is bound to be some trepidation when starting anything new, the main thing to remember is that you only have to listen to your body and go as far as you want to.

If you are interested in discovering what Yoga could do for you drop into one of our classes. There is no appointment necessary and directions can be found here. For more about Yoga in Reading please view the website.

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