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By Pranyog Reading, Sep 7 2015 10:13PM

People of all backgrounds took part and made International Yoga Day on 21st June in Reading a successful event. Alok Sharma, Reading West MP began the event and participated in Yoga workshop activities. More details here:

By Pranyog Reading, Dec 17 2014 03:10PM

An Osteopath will look closely at how we use our body and through a series of questions and an examination of case history will be able to determine the subtle changes required to get you free from pain. From his Osteopathic practice in Watford our resident Yogi and Osteopath has been able to offer a valuable insight into how Osteopathy combines with Yoga.

By Pranyog Reading, Nov 17 2014 06:15PM

Having been away traveling for the last couple of years I recently came back to classes (Saturday mornings at 7am and Wednesday evenings 6:30) and was instantly reminded of what I'd been missing.

The classes are entirely run by volunteers, it was great to see some new faces and to experience the fantastic new ideas and approaches to Yoga. Not least because it means that the classes have retained their freshness and vitality but also to see the amazing developments in the long term attendees.

Having been lucky enough to have taught Yoga in South America I noticed the subtle differences between city classes in Buenos Aires and the much less glamorous sounding Reading. The emphasis on Pranayama cannot be underestimated, it is the central element of our classes. It adds a dimension to the Asana sessions that would be noticeable if it wasn't there. But then Buenos Aires attracts people from such varied styles that it also has a unique flavour.

I suppose you can't really compare. Of course whilst the temple is undergoing building work the setting is a little disrupted, but if anything it just makes me focus more on the elements that I take so much pleasure from and enjoy them more.

There is such a wealth of knowledge at class, at any given class you can hear about everything from Ayurveda to colour therapy and loads more. It's a great resource as students bring their experiences and expertise to create a strong collective of well intentioned people that are always willing to share information.

The humility of the teachers, the patience and understanding of the yogees, the laughter sessions and the general positive vibes all contribute to a wonderful experience that will bring you back time and again. Even on those cold winter mornings!

We look forward to seeing you on the Yoga mat.


By Pranyog Reading, Oct 1 2012 08:03PM

I’m completely new to Yoga; will it be harder for me?

As with any type of physical exertion the more we practice; the more conditioned our body becomes to the rigours placed upon it. At first, as you begin attending class you may find your body feels a little sore. This is natural, in Yoga the idea is not to place a great strain on the body, instead we work with that is already there and intuit advancements over time and with diligent practice.

By Pranyog Reading, Jul 19 2012 02:51PM

We are lucky to have a fantastic space to practice in, I call it practice because the emphasis is less on outward advancement, rather what is aimed for is an inner relationship. A blossoming inner connection can manifest in greater flexibility or weight loss but each time we do Yoga we only practice at deepening this inner relationship, the rest happens all by itself.






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