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By Pranyog Reading, Oct 1 2012 08:03PM

I’m completely new to Yoga; will it be harder for me?

As with any type of physical exertion the more we practice; the more conditioned our body becomes to the rigours placed upon it. At first, as you begin attending class you may find your body feels a little sore. This is natural, in Yoga the idea is not to place a great strain on the body, instead we work with that is already there and intuit advancements over time and with diligent practice.

By Pranyog Reading, Jul 19 2012 02:51PM

We are lucky to have a fantastic space to practice in, I call it practice because the emphasis is less on outward advancement, rather what is aimed for is an inner relationship. A blossoming inner connection can manifest in greater flexibility or weight loss but each time we do Yoga we only practice at deepening this inner relationship, the rest happens all by itself.






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